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Close To My Heart's December Campaign -- Planners Gonna Plan -- Everyday Life Planners / Calendars / Memory-Keepers

It's Here!  It's Here!

During December, you can get your hands on the New Everyday Life Planner Bundle (CC1059) for only $29.95.  

That's over 15% in savings!

Here's what you get:

Everyday Life™ album (Z3208) -- (normal price $10.95)
Hardcover black album with gold foil design. 9⅜" × 8¼" × 1½"; 1" 3-ring. 
Cover made of polyurethane-covered dense paperboard; inside lined with white photo-safe paper.

Everyday Life 2016 planner pages (Z3209) -- (normal price $15.95)
154 pages including 1 pocket folder page,
12 monthly dividers with tabs,
1 designed page finder,
4 sheets of stickers;
3-ring hole punched;
8⅜" × 6⅞".

The pages include monthly and weekly spreads that begin January 2016 and run through December 2016. 

The monthly spreads run from Sunday to Saturday, like a calendar; the weekly spreads run from Monday to Sunday, making it easy to review your weekend plans at a glance. 

The monthly tabs are reinforced with a Mylar coating for extra durability. 

The stickers are designed to work perfectly with the Everyday Life™ Perfect Plan roller stamp.

(normal price $8.95)
Rotating rubber roller stamp with smooth hand-crank operation. 
12 designs, including titles, reminders, and images --
To Do, Due Date, Shopping List, Memo, Pay Day, Don't Forget, No School, Birthday, Party, Vacation, and a cute row of boxes and hearts.

Here are Other Coordinating Items to Add to Your Planner
to Make It Even More AWESOME:

If you want to ADD to your Planner and/or create a memory keeper, you can!  

Not interested in the Planner / Calendar but would love to use it as a Memory Keeper?
I've got you covered!

Credit: Make It From Your Heart Blog

First up, we’ve created two new Memory Protectors that are sized especially for the Everyday Life album—one with four 4″ x 3″ side-loading pockets and one with two 4″ x 6″ side-loading pockets

You can create a mini Picture My Life album, like you see here, or you can add some photos and Picture My Life cards to your planner. 

What better way to add a smile to your day than to turn to your to-do list and see pictures of those you love?

4" x 3" photo memory pages (Z3191) -- $6.95
10 protectors; four 4" × 3" side-loading pockets.

4" x 6" photo memory pages (Z3192) -- $6.95
10 protectors; two 4" × 6" side-loading pockets.

My Crush Everyday Life Pages (Z3210) -- $7.95
60 pages, or 30 double-sided sheets. The pages are loose, 3-ring hole punched, and measure 8⅜" × 6⅞".

Credit: Make It From Your Heart Blog

Next, we’ve got something really exciting—our My Crush Everyday Life pages

These loose, 3-ring hole punched pages come in a variety of playful patterns, and some have sayings that will lift your spirits and encourage you to seize the day! 

Did you notice the washi tape used to hold these precious photos and memorabilia in place? 

That’s our Everyday Life washi tape, which coordinates with the colors of the planner pages and the My Crush pages

We’re all about preserving the little moments in life, and these My Crush® pages and washi tape make memory keeping on-the-go easy, cute, and fun!

Everyday Life Wash Tape (Z3211) -- $3.95
5 yards -- 1/2" wide.

Credit: Make It From Your Heart Blog

Here our artist combined the planner pages with the Memory Protectors, the My Crush® pages, and the washi tape

Now you can see just how many amazing possibilities there are with our Everyday Life products.

 You’ll be able to preserve your favorite moments in the same place that you plan them!  

We’re excited to help you enjoy your memories the same way you live your life: one day at a time.

Check out the awesome video to see it in person.

With the new Everyday Life line, you’ll experience “memory keeping on the go” as you track your menus and shopping lists, stamp reminders, keep appointments, and tuck away precious memories—plus much more—all at once! 

This offer is only available while supplies last, so plan to place your order early in the month and start 2016 off right.

To Order Your PLANNER BUNDLE and Coordinating Accessories Click on the Shopping Cart!

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