Tuesday, August 9, 2011

CTMH Mischief Workshop On The Go (G1029)

G1029 -- Workshops on the Go Mischief Kit -- $29.95
(Retail Value -- $33.08)
Mischief Level 2 Paper Packet
My Acrylix® Mischief Workshop Stamp Set (C-size)
Midnight Felt Shapes
Workshop Guide
Featured Colors: Barn Red, Black, Desert Sand, Sunset

Follow the included step-by-step instructions to create the two-page layout featured in the workshop guide. The layout pattern is a Jeanette Lynton original created exclusively for this workshop.

E1014 -- My Acrylix® Posterboard Alphabet -- $29.95
Z2105 -- Black Exclusive Inks® Pad -- $5.25
Z2114 -- Cocoa Exclusive Inks® Pad -- $5.25
Z2168 -- Colonial White Exclusive Inks® Pad -- $6.95
Z2125 -- Grey Wool Exclusive Inks® Pad -- $5.25
Z555 -- Craft Heater -- $29.95
Z697 -- Sponge -- $1.25
Z341 -- Memory Book Mini Glue Dots® -- $7.50
Z1151 -- 3-D Foam Tape -- $5.95
Y1000 -- 1" × 1" My Acrylix® Block -- $3.95
Y1006 -- 3" × 3" My Acrylix® Block -- $8.50
Y1010 -- 2" × 6 1/2" My Acrylix® Block -- $9.95

Then use your remaining materials and online tips to create an additional layout and a bonus project, shown in the guide. To create the additional projects, follow the helpful hints as outlined. Simply by purchasing a few additional items, you can create all of the art pieces—both layouts and the bonus project!!

To create the additional layout, follow the helpful hints outlined below.

•Use diagrams on page 48 of Magic™ and this cutting guide to cut papers.
•Trim Sunset border from zip strips as follows: 8" and 11"
•Sponge photos, base pages, two zip strips, and all cut-out pieces with Cocoa ink
•Stamp title with Cocoa ink on title piece and trim
•Stamp sentiment with Cocoa on H
•Stamp small flourish with Cocoa ink on E
•Stamp web flourish border with Cocoa ink on J
•Stamp book spine twice with Cocoa ink on 2" × 1 1/2" web B&T accent
•Stamp the following on 2" × 3 1/2" Colonial White accent: book spine once with Black ink and twice with Cocoa ink then use blending pen to drag a bit of the color to the inside portions of images; stamp top of candle with Cocoa ink so just the top part of the wax and flame are stamped then lightly color image with blending pen; stamp tombstone with Cocoa ink; trim images
•Assemble layout according to pattern on page 48
•Score and fold 1/2" × 8" accent as desired and attach to top of G
•Attach Midnight felt shapes and cut-out accents, as desired (Tip: To make the chandelier cord, use the 1/8" × 2" diamond B&T paper and a small section of the felt fence.)

The bonus project, a Halloween banner, requires the following additional items (not included in the workshop kit):

Z1378 -- My Creations® Banner -- $5.95
Z1682 -- Dimensional Elements Notable Alphabet -- $6.95

To create the featured bonus project, follow the helpful hints outlined below.

•Trace three pennants on diamond B&T paper; trim
•Trace three pennants on damask B&T paper; trim
•Use this cutting guide to your remaining papers
•Trim three labels of choice from label B&T paper
•Trim phrase from zip strip
•Round two kitty-corners on each of the six 1 3/4" × 1 3/4" accents
•Stamp two skeletons and top of bottle with Black ink on 3" × 3" Sunset cardstock; trim
•Stamp sentiments of choice with Black ink on three of the 1/2" × 5 3/4" Sunset cardstock papers
•Stamp five tombstones with Grey Wool ink on 1 1/4" × 3 1/4" Colonial White cardstock; trim
•Trace the Dimensional Elements letters “s”, “p”, “k”, and “y” on 2 1/2" × 6 1/2" Sunset cardstock; trim and attach to coordinating letters
•Sponge edges of all cut-out papers with Black ink
•Assemble pennants, trimming papers and using 3-D foam tape, as needed
•Sponge pennant edges with Black ink; use tip of pencil to punch holes in top two pennant corners
•Stamp three images of choice with Colonial White ink on papers and one image on center of large crow felt shape; set ink with craft heater
•Trim pieces from Midnight felt shapes to create multiple elements on the banner
•Attach felt shapes, all cut-out accents, and title

Add the Mischief Workshop On The Go kit plus the additional items for the bonus project to your order to create three great projects—it's an excellent value!!

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