Saturday, March 5, 2011


Just wanted to apologize for being MIA for an entire month!! WOW did a lot happen in February!! I'm gonna start with the positive because there was sure a lot of negative that happened...LOL!! I can look back at most of it now and laugh, but at the time I was pretty upset.

The Good...
As most of you know, Close To My Heart had an awesome February Campaign called Free, Free and Fabulous. I was super excited to have 4 fabulous gals join my CTMH Team - From the Heart Embellishers!! Heather from California, Alicia from Oregon, Stephanie from Wisconsin and Mary Jo from Washington!! How cools is that?!?! This was the highlite of my month. They have officially made me an Executive Manager with Close To My Heart!! WOOHOO!! Thanks Ladies!!

The Bad...
Out Samsung TV of 6 years died. The colorwheel shattered so Sean ordered a piece to hopefully fix it for $102. He completely tore the inside of the tv apart...there was not a single component left in the unit. Once the part came a few days later he luckily (and with some skill...LOL) was able to repair it. It is now back to normal...Knock On Wood.

and The UGLY...
Thursday, February 9 I had gone to dinner with my mom and dad, hubby and kiddos. My parents were in town to watch our kids for a long weekend while Sean and I went to Las Vegas to go see Garth Brooks.

When we finished dinner, I decided to go back into work around 7:30pm to finish up some things so that I didn't stress out about having a lot on my plate when I got back to work on Tuesday. Around 10:00pm I decided to head home. I was about 3 miles from my house when I stopped for a red light. I was stopped and just happened to glance in my review mirror when BAMB...a Lexus SUV smashed into the back end of me pushing me half way thru the intersection. I couldn't believe it.

It gets even better.

She proceeds to try and drive around me and nails me for a second time pushing me thru the intersection!!??!! Oh how kind of her?!?!? What the heck?!?!

Oh the story isn't done quite yet.

She then pulls around me and drives in the PDQ Gas Station Parking Lot and sits for a few seconds.

And then...

SHE DRIVES AWAY!!??!!??!!??!! WTH??!!??!!

I was in such a daze I didn't know what the heck happened. I knew it was a cream colored Lexus SUV, but I didn't catch her plates. Luckily 2 witnesses stopped who had gotten her plates. When the police came they told them what had happened. Turns out that another witness who heard the accident got her plates when she pulled into the PDQ Parking Lot. Thank Goodness. I'm so thankful they stopped and helped out!! I was very ticked off about the whole incident and really ticked off that it was the night before we were to leave to go to Vegas!!

I declined having to have an ambulance as at the time nothing hurt. After having to talk to the police officer and the tow-truck driver I was starting to have pain between my shoulder blades and neck. So my dad and husband took me to the ER to get x-rays taken. They put me in a neck brace to be safe. Everything came out fine. They gave me a prescription for Vicadin and a muscle relaxer. So we headed to Walgreens to get me some drugs and then to Taco Bell to get some food so I could take the drugs...LOL!!

We got home around 2:00am and quick packed our clothes for the trip. I was in bed around 2:30am. Man did that alarm at 5:30am come quick. So off to the airport we went. I took my drugs and slept all the was great...fell asleep before the plane even took off and had to be woken up when we landed...LOL!!

The trip was awesome!! I was pretty sore and stiff, but we made the best of it. Garth Brooks at the Wynn was AMAZING. It was just him and his guitar. Trisha Yearwood even came out to sing with him. How Cool!! Definitely choose the 10:30 show if you get the chance to go as the 8:30 one had to end by 10:00. He played until 1:30 am for us!! AWESOME!!

When we returned it was insurance companies galore. We found out my 2008 Toyota Sienna XLE had been totaled out with $19,000 damage. YIKES!! We got our insurance check and bought a new 2011 Toyota Sienna SE. I LOVE IT!!

Now we are still dealing with insurance as far as medical bills go because I am having to see a chiropractor due to neck and upper back issues.

Oh yeah...I forgot to tell you. She was arrested for OWI (Operating A Vehicle While Intoxicated) and Hit-And-Run. I can't tell you how thankful I am that my kids were NOT in the vehicle with me. I seriously think things would not have gone so well for her if you know what I mean...LOL!!

So with all that stress I think my immune system was running on fumes so I took on a HUGE headcold complete with headache, sneezing, sniffling, coughing, etc. I am finally on the mend and not needing to carry a Kleenex box around with me every where I go...LOL!!

I am now ready to get back to business as usual!! So hopefully you will see me posting on my blog on a regular basis again!! I've missed you all!! Get ready to get your crafty groove back on!! I sure am!!

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