Thursday, February 18, 2010

CTMH Hearts For Haiti Update...

The Hearts for Haiti Textured Cardstock campaign was a "while supplies last" campaign. We hate to inform you that the Winter Cozy and Classic Basic Textured Paper Packs are no longer available. We apologize!!

We cannot predict when a disaster will happen, like the Haitian earthquake. But we feel a strong need to use our resources for good and to respond QUICKLY. This definitely means working with product we have ON HAND, rather than taking the time to design or produce something unique.

We chose textured cardstock because it fit the bill on many levels: we have it in inventory, we have several colors/styles for customers to choose from, and we began the month with SEVERAL YEARS of stock on hand—it was chosen because we believed its supply would hold during the campaign.

The GREAT News: We have been overwhelmed by the response, which has literally consumed several years of inventory in a few short weeks. We have done a number of campaigns using textured cardstock, so we know the demand well—none of those have performed the way this one has, presumably because people are motivated by an opportunity to help a country in terrible need.

The campaign was put together very quickly to offer timely aid. The purpose is all about helping Haiti—we could have simply collected donations. But we went a step further and structured a campaign where everyone wins: the customer gets an amazing deal with buy-one-get-one-free and Operation Smile gets a generous donation.

This is still a great deal and for an even better cause!! CTMH's supplies for Spring Harmony, Summer Celebration, and Autumn Harvest selections remain strong. We applaud your incredible generosity; because of you we will be able to send tens of thousands of dollars to the Haiti medical relief effort. For that, you have our great gratitude.

**If you would like to help Haiti through your hobby of crafting please contact me, and we can get an order placed. Otherwise you can visit my website: and purchase from there!!**

Thank You For All Of Your Contributions...It Is Greatly Appreciated!!

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