Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Weekend Update - 7.31 thru 8.2

Sean took the day off of work, and Nathan took the day off of Preschool and they head to Air Show in Oshkosh with our friends Bob and Craig. Nathan loves planes. Last year Sean went and brought him back a toy air plane...Nathan LOVED it. This year he was so excited to be able to go. Earlier in the week Sean had told him he could only go if he learned to go potty standing up and sure enough he did it on Tuesday night!! LOL!! He got to check out a ton of grounded planes, sit in a helicopter, watch a bunch of shows and eat some great food. Oh yeah...and he got a new toy jet to add to his collection. He came home one happy camper. The guys told him he is definitly invited back next year!!

On Saturday we headed to Waukesha for a baby shower for Matt and Tammy Hink. They are going to have a baby boy!! We got to meet lots of their family and friends. Morgan had fun playing with another baby who was six months. Fun was had by all. We then headed back home and got some pizza for dinner and then went for a 2 mile walk. It was nice outside and great to be outdoors. Poor Morgan got bit by a mosquito right on her forehead, and of course wouldn't leave it alone so scratched it until it got a scab...ugh!! I had wanted to go get her 1 Year Pictures taken this week, but will have to wait until it heals up. Poor Baby!!

UGH...Poor Mommy...having a hard time with her baby girl already turning one soon...where did the time go?!?!?! It seems like she was just a baby. She now has 5 teeth, crawls like a mad woman all over the house, has mastered going up the two steps we have for our sunken living room but has definitly not mastered the 'getting down' part...hehehe...unless you count rolling down them!! LOL!!

On Sunday our friend's Brenda and Craig stopped over and brought us some most delicious sweet corn freshly picked from her parents' farm down in Galena, IL. THANK GUYS!! They also invited us to go to the Dells for the rest of the day to a waterpark. She had gotten FREE tickets so we headed up. The kids had a blast!! We then grabbed some Culver's and headed home. Both kids konked out on the drive back. It was a great ending to a great weekend!!

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